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Delivered promptly and was exactly what I was expecting! Very happy with the energy this gives me throughout the day


Como debo tomar el genbolin, antes o después del entrenamiento

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I enjoy the clean energy and focus that Shredderex provides me throughout my day. I enjoy taking 2 capsules pre workout with Genbolin. This stack has been helping me transform my body on top of my good nutrition and training!

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I am enjoying the results that I have been getting from Genbolin! Better pumps, noticeable vascularity and my strength is continuing to increase!

Clean Energy and Focus!

Really enjoying this product! I was hesitant on the Lower amount of Caffeine but the energy is perfect! Not overwhelming or any negative side effects and the focus seems to stay with me throughout the day. So far I am feeling great and my body is appearing leaner and tighter!

Love it!

This product is great! I Like to take 2 pre workout and I noticed I have been working harder and getting better pumps and my body is tightening up! Ordering more soon!

The best

Seriously the only thing I use. I replace my morning coffee with this stuff. Keeps me going all day!

Feeling new and improved

Ever since taking this product I have been feeling my best in and out of the gym! Will continue to use with my daily routine!

Great product!

I am on my third bottle of Genbolin now and the gains have been fantastic! The pumps and muscle fullness is great. Strength has gone up and have gained some quality muscle with my waist shrinking! Even have my girlfriend trying this now!

One of the best

Out of all the nootropics and thermogenics I have tried this seems to be one of the smoothest. It isn't overwhelming on energy, but it is very steady and lasts for around 5 hours. The thermogenic effect is also a nice combination. This seems to be great to take for pre workout focus and energy or just with breakfast on a rest day from the gym to start the day off energized and focused in a good mood.

Always great experience

I’ve been using this product for quite some time and have been thoroughly impressed. I will continue to use it to meet my goals in the future!

A must-have addition to my workout

I've been taking Genbolin for a few months now and I can tell the difference between when I take it and when I don't. The pump is better, I feel stronger and leaner, and I can last through a two hour workout without dying. Definitely will continue using!

Great energy and motivation to lift.

I noticed my muscles were more full and got compliments about weight loss and looking more muscular after starting this great product. I wish I knew about it earlier.

Clean Energy & Instant Focus

Aside from the fitness related benefits, this supplement is one of the best thermogenic I’ve taken and I’ve taken nearly all of them. With all of the ingredients spelled out and not loaded with a ton of hidden items, this gives me the cleanest energy boost. I’ll be a long time and regular customer.

The best

I been using this product for a while now and the results are great. This does exactly what it is advertised to do. Simply the best product on the market.


Great energy no crazy jitters or short breath just pure energy

I like it !!!

Good morning wake up- clean energy without over stim feeling. Haven’t tried as a pwo booster but I will !!


great focus and energy


gotta hand it to the little orange pill. Good energy, positive vibe and no noticeable crash.

Great Long lasting energy

Work very well. Lasting energy, no crash, decent mood boost, and improve mental clarity. Love it for cardio sessions

Highly recommend

I love this product. Gets me focus but not jitters, keeps my internal temperature up which is perfect sense I’m trying to lose a little weight right now. But my favorite part is the mood enhancement aspect. I feel so great when I take this product

God Tier

Fantastic product that helps me stay on track while working long hours

Great stuff

Great stuff

Great product

Not even a full month in yet and pumps and strength have been taken to a whole different level!! This isn’t even a test booster and has given me better results than any of the test boosters I have tried!!