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Great energy and motivation to lift.

I noticed my muscles were more full and got compliments about weight loss and looking more muscular after starting this great product. I wish I knew about it earlier.

Clean Energy & Instant Focus

Aside from the fitness related benefits, this supplement is one of the best thermogenic I’ve taken and I’ve taken nearly all of them. With all of the ingredients spelled out and not loaded with a ton of hidden items, this gives me the cleanest energy boost. I’ll be a long time and regular customer.

The best

I been using this product for a while now and the results are great. This does exactly what it is advertised to do. Simply the best product on the market.


Great energy no crazy jitters or short breath just pure energy

I like it !!!

Good morning wake up- clean energy without over stim feeling. Haven’t tried as a pwo booster but I will !!


great focus and energy


gotta hand it to the little orange pill. Good energy, positive vibe and no noticeable crash.

Great Long lasting energy

Work very well. Lasting energy, no crash, decent mood boost, and improve mental clarity. Love it for cardio sessions

Highly recommend

I love this product. Gets me focus but not jitters, keeps my internal temperature up which is perfect sense I’m trying to lose a little weight right now. But my favorite part is the mood enhancement aspect. I feel so great when I take this product

God Tier

Fantastic product that helps me stay on track while working long hours

Great stuff

Great stuff

Great product

Not even a full month in yet and pumps and strength have been taken to a whole different level!! This isn’t even a test booster and has given me better results than any of the test boosters I have tried!!

Highly effective! 💪

This stuff does what it claims! Almost done now with second bottle at 4 caps per day. The pumps have been great and muscles feel full and pumped throughout the day! Awesome product.

Great product

Real good results

A+ Product

Have been taking Genbolin for almost a month now. The gains have been fantastic - muscles are appearing more full and I have more of a pump throughout the day while not even training. Other things I am noticing are faster recovery from workouts, increased vascularity and strength has gone up! Will be purchasing another bottle to see what two months can do! Thank you!

Genbolin Big! Genbolin is an incredible product by NCNSupp! I have put on some increased mass gains!

Recommend GenbOlin if you're looking for size and strength booom this is your product hands down

Awesome product with amazing results 👍

I've tried many other products in the past but Genbolin is the ONE! Since I've started taking it my every level not just in the gym but throughout my day is substantialy higher. My training sessions have significantly improved and the results have been absolutely outstanding. I couldnt ask for a better natural anabolic!

Awesome Product!!

This wasn’t my first time using a Laxogenin based product and all I can say is WOW!! I guess this stuff really is 99% Pure because it feels like a night and day difference compared to the other ones I have tried... Pumps are great, vascularity has increased like crazy, the weights feel lighter and I just feel all around more muscular and tighter! Highly recommend trying this stuff!!

Love it

Awesome stuff! Nice energy boost for those morning workouts that still going as you go into your day job with no crashing!


I dont do reviews but this product is very good.been ripped off 100s of times on other products not hear this stuff is the bomb 9 out of 10.

Good energy and focus

Good stuff

I have only tried Shredderall three times so far but it works great. Gives me energy. Gets me focused... and really helps me do things I have no motivation for LOL. I've used Shredderall to replace coffee drinking.


Love it

The King of all Stimulants

I purchased 1 bottle about a month ago and took only 1 capsule in the morning for the first 2 weeks and another about 6 hours later. Throughout the day, I seem to be much more productive, clearer minded and motivated, in a better mood, naturally eating less than I would without even trying. After a couple weeks of using this product I had to order myself the two pack.