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Fantastic long lasting energy!


Enjoy taking this product by itself ~30 mins prior to my workout. I have noticed an increase in workout endurance (less rest time between sets, can get more reps), overall muscle recovery (am able to take less rest days, muscle soreness is decreased, and best of all - SKIN TEARING PUMPS! Overall, an awesome product! Pairs will with NCN Supps Genbolin*

Clean & Pure

The only product I have found that allows me to achieve optimal pumps and endurance in the gym, without feeling stimmed out from many of the pre workouts in today's market.

Awesome supplement

Been taking this supplement for a year and I have had great success in and out of the gym. Gives great focus and with a good diet you will shred lbs! Awesome company also Christian gives everyone great support and encouragement!

A game changer

I am about 3 weeks in and I absolutely love Shredderex. It has helped me control my appetite, stop my cravings for junk food, and has given me the extra boost of energy and focus needed throughout the day! You’ve gotta customer for life from me. Thank you!

Great for maintaining strength on a cut.

This stuff is really good for maintaining your strength while cutting.

Love it!!

Been using it for a while now. No better stack out there for me - love the shredderex with the genbolin!

Referred customer

Noticeable difference in appetite and energy. Definitely on board good job thank you


Great products and highly recommended it


Been using it for about a year. Not disappointed.

Excellent Product!!

Great product

Great energy & pump .. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Vaso-Burn 💪🏼

Taking two a day pre lift gives me the nice pump (even though I’m a girl) May up to 3 to see even more muscle fullness. Keeps my stamina high and I feel stronger. Great product all around.

Noticeable improvement in training

I am a girl, so I’m not necessarily “chasing the pump.” But!!! This is so much more than pump (pump is real. It makes me feel like the hulk, which is pretty neat.) I take 3 of these on heavy lifting days about 30 minutes before my workout. I have noticed improvements in strength and stamina while training. It is the real deal. The low cost is a bonus as well. I waited a while to submit this review to make sure my improvements weren’t a fluke. This stuff delivers.

Best fat burner!!

This is the best fat burner I have tried. And will not be switching anytime soon!

Get (Vaso)SWOLE!!

I get an incredible pump with vasoswole especially on Arm Day when I take 600mg. The pump and swole is real folks. I swear I can feel the blood pulsing in my body!! All the NCN products are of the highest quality and absolutely live up to their clams. I use all of them religiously every day. Now that I back in the gym the Gainz will be awesome with the help of NCN Vasoswole, Shedderex and Genbolin!!

The ONLY pump enhancer that you will EVER need.

This is by far the best pump enhancer on the market. 4 pills 5-10 minutes pre-workout and you are GOLD. Prepping for a competition and this is literally one of the keys to looking like a freak of nature! Love the product, the brand, and everything that these guys stand for!


Great products, great customer service. Always down to earth and friendly. Cant say enough good about NCN. Plus, they dont break the bank like other products do. Great quality products, at a great price. Cannot beat it!

Energy and focus

This stuff is for real!!! This company is for real!! They care about your success, and not just the bottom line and it shows. Shredderex quickly became a staple. I work shifts and have three kids. The energy is a necessity. The focus is amazing. I wasn’t quite sure I would notice anything. Now, I won’t be without it.

Love it 🙂

Everything I need to start my 10 hr work day. Keeps my mind going, even when im tired.

Jolt !

That extra jolt of energy you need to get going and def helps with appetite control , never made my stomach hurt either ! Take it when I wake up then I walk the dog and I’m set to start my daily lift !

My first time trying NCN SUPPS

I follow Christian on social media , he talks the talk. But walks the walk. I asked him
Some questions I had and he immediately responded with 100% info I was seeking. I love the fact everything is measured out to a act dosage , the pills are more convenient then mixing powders. I definitely will be continually using Vasoswole and shredderall, immediate energy. Great pump. No crash. I have even successfully stopped drinking energy drinks because of these products. Great products , owned by a cool guy ! Shout out NCN AND CHRISTIAN

Ncn supplements

The ultimate pump and shred combo !

Great Product!

Great Product! Excellent energy!

Best product ever tried.

Taking before workout gives me pump I need.